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Hugh Cha the CEO of Stage Bridge Inc., Global Production & Management based in NYC and Seoul. 

He is also the Director for the Asia Division of Bohemia Group (talent management) and Bohemia Originals (production) which has bases in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, New Orleans, Toronto, Berlin, London, Auckland, and Seoul. 

He graduated with a Music Dance Theater degree at Brigham Young University, and studied Theater and English Literature in London. Hugh received his M.F.A. in Musical Theater from the Boston Conservatory at Berkley College of Music. As an triple-threat performer, he's been in several off-Broadway and regional theater productions including The King and I and Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as television shows for HBO, NBC and FX Networks.

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  • CEO, Stage Bridge Inc.

  • Director, Bohemia Group Asia

  • Producer, Bohemia Originals 

  • Manager, Bohemia Group Global

  • Vice President of Korean Alumni Association, Boston Conservatory at Berkley College of Music


  • The Blacklist - NBC

  • Crashing - HBO

  • The Americans - FX

  • Seeking: Jack Tripper

Off Broadway / Regional

  • King and I / Lun Tha 

  • Anything Goes / Luke

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Sweetee / Abraham


  • Executive Producer, DEEP TV SHOW | Korea & U.S.

  • Executive Producer, Your Face Documentary 

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