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Wanna be better?

Find out more about Hugh Cha's custom lesson plans and accomplish your goals


Hugh Cha

Career Coaching, TV & Film, Audition Technique and Accent Reduction

Hugh Cha is an actor, singer and voice-over artist in New York, Hollywood and Seoul. He has been a live translator and MC for various high profile meetings and events for major companies.


With more than 10 years of experience in the industry as an actor, teacher, mentor, and acting coach he has worked with students from a wide array of backgrounds such as fellow actors, corporate executives, theater majors, and those looking to hone their social skills. 

Each client will receive a customized lesson plan that will boost their chances of a successful career. Custom lessons include:

  • Theory Lessons for Acting, Accent Reduction, English Conversation for Foreign Speakers

  • Portfolio Building including Talent's Headshot, Resume, Reel, Branding, Bio, Internet Presence, and More. 

Develop Voice, Acting and Language Skills through 1-on-1 High-Quality Lessons

Hugh Cha specializes in creating customized individual curriculum for any level of students in order to build upon their current skill level. His studio focuses on learning the right materials while having fun. He is fully bilingual in English and Korean and has played piano and saxophone for several years. 


For those not located in New York or Los Angeles, there are Skype lessons available.



These lessons are for those who want to:

  • Improve communication skills and reduce foreign accents when speaking English

  • Seek professional knowledge about acting in musical theater, film or television

  • Focus on musical singing technique and musicality

  • Work in Musical Theater or Acting industry for Broadway or Hollywood

  • Learn vocals, musicals, and/or acting as a hobby or for a specific event

  • Improve audition techniques using professional equipment


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