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Kookmin Daily (국민일보)



"The stage is my home" - Educated Korean Actor with Musical MFA


<뮤지컬 석사학위가진 학위파





"I don’t consider any city as my hometown. The stage is where I can put my mind to rest, so being on a stage and in front of a camera is my home."




From Musicals to Film - "Acting is my language" - Upcoming Korean Star Actor Hugh Cha


<뮤지컬부터 영화까지…"연기는 나의 언어" - 차세대 한인 스타 배우 휴 차>




"Instead of being an ‘Asian actor,’ I want to be remembered as an actor with incredible acting skill."

Yunhap News Press (연합뉴스)



Korean International student getting a major role in musical "King and I"


<연합뉴스: 美 뮤지컬 주요 배역 꿰찬 한인 유학생 차형진>




Korean national newpaper interviews Hugh Cha about his career as an Asian American

actor and his recent role in the King and I.

Musical Magazine Interview



The Seoul of Broadway


<브로드웨이 속 서울, 뉴욕의 한인 아티스트>




Korean creative artists and actors performed at Joe's Pub, a historical club  and theater located in downtown NYC.


Boston Korea



Korean International student, plays a major role in musical "King and I"


<보스톤 코리아: 한인 유학생, 뮤지컬 왕과 나 주연>




Interview of Hugh Cha about his life story as an international actor in U.S and recent role as Lun Tha in King and I

Boston Korea



Korean international student perform in major musical theater company in Boston


<보스톤 코리아: 한인 유학생 보스톤 뮤지컬 무대 진출>




Boston Korea interviews musical actor Hugh Cha about his recent role as Luke in "Anything Goes" at North Shore Music Theatre, his future plan to move to NYC with new agency and manager, and upcoming Korean community service performance. 

Boston Korea



The very first musical theater performance in Boston by Korean performers and creative team.


<보스톤 코리아: 보스톤 최초 한인 뮤지컬 공연>



YTN News



EnoB outreach Christmas Concert;

"Get together as one with music"


<음악으로 이웃과 함께되는 따뜻한 연말>





Blueprint Specials Review on NYTimes


<뮤지컬 블르프린트 스페셜 뉴욕타임즈리뷰>





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