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"The Stage is My Home" 내 고향은 무대와 카메라 앞

Kookmin Daily Interview with actor Hugh Cha

“It’s not about being a Korean or Asian actor, I’m working hard to become and be remembered as an excellent actor,” says Hugh Cha. The Broadway-based actor recently went bi-coastal with projects in Hollywood and New York City.

Cha is keeping busy with various projects in film, television dramas, musicals, voice over and commercial work. He became the first Korean to receive a terminal degree, which is the highest professional track in a given field of study, in Musical Theater at the Boston Conservatory.

“The American film industry environment, including Hollywood, has become friendlier to minorities including Asians,” Cha explains. “Majority races have a bigger pool of actors so the competition is high, whereas minorities have less competition and a better chance of getting various types of acting opportunities.

“In the past, biases in the film industry toward minorities closed off opportunities. Nowadays, we live in an era where minority is accepted with magnanimity. … Opportunities for minority actors have opened up more recently, and those with excellent skills are considered worthy competitors in the entertainment industry.”

Hugh Cha in "Time Difference" at C.O.W. Theater in NYC

With a determined philosophy and more opportunistic environment, Cha strives hard to perfect his craft. He frequently analyzes characters in films and plays to learn more about physical expression, and spends hours working on vocal and emotional expressions on a daily basis.

Regarding one of his career obstacles, Cha says, “Having an accent when speaking English is a chronic problem for immigrants, even for those who moved to America at a young age. I still occasionally meet up with a private accent reduction coach to train.”

Hugh Cha started his acting career in NYC, with an emphasis in musicals and voice over work. He studied classical voice, and his singing abilities allowed him to perform in concerts as a guest or featured artist around New York and Boston areas. In 2014, Cha had his own autobiography solo concert in Boston.

His various talents and acting experiences reflect his professional philosophy. Cha has made it a point to play diverse characters and personalities in his career, rather than sticking with one stereotype. This mindset has given him the talent of fitting into any character role, and ability to easily adapt to situations as they come. His acting skills are further strengthened by his personal background and metal attitude toward his craft.

“I moved a lot,” Cha says. “I came to America during middle school, studied in London, and started my career in NYC. … I don’t consider any city as my hometown. The stage is where I can put my mind to rest, so being on a stage and in front of a camera is my home.”

Hugh Cha studied Music Dance Theater at Brigham Young University, with a minor in Business. He then received his Musical Theater graduate degree in Boston. His skill set includes Bboying, Jazz, ballet, tap, and modern dance. He has a black belt in Taekwondo and is a ranked practitioner in Kendo.

Notable film credits for Cha include the Korean short film The Destined King, and short films Seeking: Jack Tripper and Simbi Zombi.

Published 10-28-2016 in KOOKMIN DAILY NEWSPAPER

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